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Indane Gas Community Kitchen New Scheme

Indane Gas was launched in 1970 by Indian Oil. It is the known as the world’s highest gas station plant. It is about 3500 meters above sea and is situated in Leh.

Before Indane Gas, cooking was boring, unhealthy, unhygienic and suffocating. But now, only because of Indane gas cooking is no more a work and is considered as an exercise, meditation and a healthy habit. Now let us take a brief look on the achievements of Indane Gas:-

  • Indane Gas has brought a new scheme known as “Community Kitchen” to cater the increasing needs of the society. Panchayat is going to head and supervise such kind of projects- Community Kitchen.

Here consumers will be able to cook at lower price than the market with ease. IOC will provide all the necessary resources like stove, cylinder, and regulators e.t.c.

  • In case you need to set up such kinds of kitchens near government hospitals or by your village then contact your nearest Area Manager of IOC.
  • If a family wishes to avail the benefits of gas cylinders then at first they have to be their customer.
  • The population which belongs to below poverty line might think they can’t afford the expensive gas cylinders but people it is the myth, you can also avail its benefits. As government provides subsidies to economical backward class.

Therefore, you can also be the customer of Indane Gas.

Make your cooking pleasurable with Indane Gas

1) Advantages of Indane Gas:

Earlier women used to cook by the traditional method which was very unhealthy and unhygienic; smoke produces by those methods were dangerous and harmful at the same time, especially to the person who worked continuously on those named as “chulha”. The smoke released by the fuel like cow dunk cakes, woods, coal etc. Gets creates non-burnt particles which gets accumulated in the lungs or liver and is source of many lung diseases. Later on when LPG cylinders were introduced- acts as a great substitute for old and harmful cooking stove. Initially it was expensive and usually seen in the kitchen of the elite class of the society, but Indane Gas made it affordable even for the impoverished people by selling cylinders at lower costs. Now it is no longer considered as a status symbol and cylinders can be seen at places of poverty-stricken. It has become possible only by the genuine efforts of Indane Gas Agency.

2) How to make order

There are various means by which one can book gas cylinder. It is as easy as learning ABC. People with very busy schedule can use Online Booking Facility by Indane Gas. All they have to do is to visit official website- If you already are registered then you might know how to book i.e by entering your User name and Password, but if someone is not registered then visit the website and make your registration by filling simple details and will be able to make online booking for your gas cylinder. Or else you can use another mode that is telephonic medium. Simply dial their Customer Care number which is 1800-2333-555 get a gas cylinder booked or can even send the SMS. Delivery is done within 20-3- working days, so make sure you file your request of gas cylinder before your existing cylinder gets finished.

3) Subsidies by the Government

Government is providing subsidies to economical backward classes for their social upliftment. It is done through bank accounts where subsidies are directly transferred to the accounts of the people covered under this scheme. Indane Gas also provides special price concession to such communities. Indane Gas believes in customer satisfaction first and then about the profits. That is the reason they are regarded as “Consumer Superbrand” status by Superbrands Council of India.

Indane Gas hasn’t left any loopholes to turn conventional cooking methods towards modern cooking. It deserves the credit for changing the society in more hygienic and healthy way; it has also brought the revolution to Indian cooking.

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