Cooking is something the best way to serve the family or anyone else. Generally the best way of charity is also supposed to be cooking and serving other people who could not afford to eat. Indane Gas is here to make your cooking a blissful activity. Now cooking would not remain a burden and a suffocating work. You would love to cook and eat in home.

Indane Gas is launched in 1970 by Indian Oil. It is the world’s highest gas station plant, about 3500 meters above sea. It is situated in Leh. Every second gas cylinder in India is Indane Gas Cylinder. Let’s have a look over its achievement:

1. Advantages of Indane Gas: The traditional ways of cooking in both portions of country, in rural as well as in urban area are yet those traditional outdated method which are unhealthy and unhygienic. Mainly the health of that women is badly affected, as those fuel like dunk cakes, dry woods, kerosene oil and coal etc, produce lots of smoke. The smoke and non burnt particles of fuel which remain suspended in air get accumulated in lungs and hence causes many sever diseases. Indane LPG Gas cylinders are an excellent substitute of it but because of expensive cost no one could afford it. Indane Gas has made it bring from an elite class kitchen to level society kitchen. It’s no more a status symbol as every one could afford it.

2. How to Make Order: The order of a gas cylinder is very simple. The people who are too busy and couldn’t find time to approach a local office for gas connection could make it through online mode. Indane Gas registration is very simple for everyone. The official website of Indane Gas is www.indane.co.in, over which anyone can book his order. Offline mode is also available for the people who could not book the connection through online way. Its very simple dial Indane Gas Customer Care Number which is 1800-2333-555. Hence having an Indane Gas Connection is the easiest task in world.

3. Government Subsidies: The under privilege section of the consumers who have some extra benefits, if provided their Aadhar card facility the concession is given Indane Gas price and hence it follows all the necessary orders of the Govt. of India. The primary service is consumers’ orientation and secondary is money making. That’ the reason consumers don’t like to switch to any other brand.

The credit of changing, the traditional and unhealthy time consuming cooking practice, should be given to Indane Gas. As this is the only domestic gas producer which is consumer oriented and profit making is secondary. So be healthy with your home cooked food.

 RGGLVY( Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitaran Yojana)

  • Regular distributorship requires certain minimum infrastructure and operating requirements to viably operate in a location. In areas/villages having less population such distributorships may not be viable. In order to help the customers in such underserved areas a new format LPG distributorship, namely, Rajiv Gandhi Gramin LPG Vitaran (RGGLV) was launched on 16th Oct, 2009.In the first phase, IOC advertised for 576 locations in eight states for appointing RGGLV.
  • The second phase of RGGLV in 6 states for 951 locations have been advertised in March, 2010. Third phase of 62 locations in the North Eastern states have also been advertised.
  • How Is RGGLV different from a regular Distributorship?
    • Locations are RGGLV are identified broadly on the basis of a potential average monthly sale of 600 LPG cylinders ( 14.2 kg) and 1200 customers
    • RGGLV godown and showroom should be located close together with the godown having having capacity to store about 300 cylinders .
    • Godown estimate size is about : 5m x 6m in a vacant plot of size 20m x 24m
    • Showroom Size approx : 2.6 m x 3 m near the godown
    • RGGLV doesn’t deliver cylinders to consumers’s residence
    • LPG will be sold to the consumers at the prescribed retail selling price

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