Indane LPG Gas and Its Contact Approaches

There are many domestic gas services, but they are not trusted in public as Indane Gas, the reason behind it is the customer service. The Indane gas service is unique in case of providing customer satisfaction. In other manufacturing firms there is only one way communication but in this manufacturing unit, there are always two way communication channels.

The reason behind success of Indane Gas is the customers have found it more accountable than any other product and hence it is the most trust worthy manufacturing unit.

Let’s see how it provides the two way communication channels with consumers. This is only contact details and its perpetual succession which makes the Indane Gas favorite in India:

  1. Contact Details in Different States of India: The channels in this LPG gas manufacturer are not limited to one state of country. It is spread like a web in all over states, these are its contact details
  • Noida and Delhi- 9911554411 and Bihar- 9708024365
  • Chandigarh- 9781324365 and Andhra Pradesh- 9848824365
  • Karnataka- 8970024365 and lucknow- 8726024365
  • Tamil Nadu- 8124024365 and Kolkata- 9088324365
  • Kerala- 9961824365
  1. Contact Details within the States: The distributors in Chennai State are Adyar gas agency- 24419857 and Air force gas agency- 22395553. Similarly in New Delhi the distributors are Akash gas services- 011 22813933 and Aarkay Enterprises 011 26511018. And many other several numbers within the state can be easily found in official website of Indane Gas which is, hence contacts are within consumer’s approach.
  2. Contact through Website: Every firm, small or big, has its website. Hence the Indane Gas also, which is, now it’s very easy to book your cylinder through online way. Here the booking is so easy that a person with a busy schedule would not be deprived of having a gas connection to his kitchen. The gas connection is made very simple and quick with website facility.
  3. Indane Gas Customer Care Number: The toll free number of Indane Gas is available for more than twelve hours. A consumer wants to have a fresh connection or having any kind of complaint with gas connection can make a call over this Indane Gas Toll Free Number1800-2333-555 and register his or her complaint. So no need to get frustrated about redressals of the complaint, as it is common in other gas agencies. The major reason behind consumer satisfaction is this communication facility.

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