Indane Gas Complaint

Indane Gas Complaint

Complaints,which is a part of every Service sector,because if they provide services then they get complaints,there is no firm who do not have any complaint.Hence on other side complaints is a plus point for the service firm. Indane Gas is a service sector which provide new connection to their customers at reasonable cost.

indane gas complaint number Indane Gas ComplaintIn India there are so many district branches who provide that services and allot for Gas Connection.

Now look over the complaint and how to correct service of Indane LPG Gas:

No Delivery of Gas Cylinder at right time: Most of the complaint are related with Non Delivery among the customers. This is not a very critical complaint as it is correct in a day of registration of the complaint.Delay of the cylinder could influence the goodwill of Indane Gas hence,they resolved the problems at a time so that no other complaint come onwards.

Gas leakage: Which is a major problem for Indane Gas Customer,at a time when customer suffering from gas leakage problem they should need to not cook food and unlocked all the windows and door.Let the leaked gas exhaust from house and the LPG cylinder is changed within the day. Alongwith the new cylinder the Indane suppliers sent a mechanic who adjusts the new fixture.Customer should not get panic but neccesary to to call at your nearest local Indane Gas office as early as possible.

At the time when you never get new connection at your new residence: When the customer shift to another city there is some problem at the time of get Indane Gas New Connection ,if the suffer from that problem they shuold need to go Indane Gas office and ask for making a new voucher for himself.Customer can ask for cash back if the complaint is not attend.

Here list of complaint numbers in different areas :

Karnataka- 8970024365
Kolkata- 9088324365
Tamil Nadu- 8124024365
Kerala- 9961824365
Bihar- 9708024365
Andhra Pradesh- 9848824365
Chandigarh- 9781324365
Noida and Delhi- 9911554411

Indane Gas Customer care number at central level is as bellow: 1800-2333-555 from every phone line.


  1. Arjun Kalra Arjun Kalra
    February 3, 2015    

    Indane Customer of Golden Gas Agency Gurgaon C. No 860124
    Refill booked on 01_01-2015, booking No 3693
    Refill is not received , it is taking more than a month all the time, Phone is always engaged. Can I get the email id whom to complain.

    February 3, 2015    

    my consumer number is 525886,. [ jed cherla telangana state] i am linked by adhar card.

    we have booked the gas with your mobile # 09848824365, there is no reply.
    we went to sri venkatsewara gas agencey by taking the empty cylinder, to get t he booked cylinder, but it is closed.

    we have made several call, still no reply, we are fed up, can the service be improved, from last 2 days we are borrowing cylinder from other and cooking the food, what kind of service is this, can it be improved ,ca n we get cylinder tmrw, or we have t o switch to other suplier or move our complain to higher levele, extremely unhappy with service, request your help to solve this

  3. anirban choudhury anirban choudhury
    February 4, 2015    

    After 49 days I have not get the deli vary of gas.Such delay in every month is difficult to me.thereFore I am requesting u to necessary action for regularise the deli vary of gas.

    S.V NO:-8997347
    SR NO:-100325
    BOOKING DATE:-16/12/14

  4. Mrs. Dorathy Kumar Mrs. Dorathy Kumar
    February 5, 2015    

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    This is to let you that my “LPG ID: “3 7000 0000 0767 7656” and my “consumer no: “cx2365086”.

    It has been noted that a subsidy amount of Rs 308.09 was remitted to my account against a cash memo of “3000257824” during my last purchase which was on 05-01-2015.

    There was no amount remitted on 01-03-2014 for the cash memo of “3000178365” (but there has been an entry of “Rs 730.44” in your book). When contacted your call-centre, they were not able to locate and solve this issue, as this detail was not in their record.

    This time, the amount remitted was Rs 202.65 on 04-02-2015 against a cash memo of “3000280651”, but the amount paid to the gas delivery person was Rs770/-.

    I kindly request you to check the details and advice as to, why there has been a difference? I request you to kindly keep me posted to “” at the earliest.

    Thanking you,
    Mrs. Dorathy Kumar.

  5. Mileshbhai Manubhai Patel Mileshbhai Manubhai Patel
    February 8, 2015    

    Subject: My connection stop by the Distributar.
    Distibuter Name- M/S. Dhananjay Indane .
    Coustomer no-4448
    Coustomer Name – Mileshbhai Manubhai Patel

    As the new rule i filled kyc foram & linked my addhar with my conection . i also recived the conformation message on my mobile number of adhdhar linked. As the distributer request i filled KYC foram i submitted with the documents which are needed about a week ago , other wise my connection not started.
    so request you to do needful.and start my connection as soon as posible.

    February 11, 2015    

    Consumer no. CX 7872622
    Phone: 8130564100
    Agency: Arya Gas Service, Delhi
    Complaint: Cylinder leaking. Request service.

  7. Prabhash Chander Pandey Prabhash Chander Pandey
    February 19, 2015    

    Dear Sir,
    I have been using your services for last two decay in Delhi. Now I have shifted my connection in Agra at Dubey Gas Services Dayal Bagh. Delivery TAT of company is very pathetic. I have booked my Gas on 4th of Feb and till date I did not receive Gas. Today I got response from them we require IFSC code of your bank. Please look into this my consumer num is 016174175 Devanand.

  8. Ahmed Tharik Ahmed Tharik
    March 2, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Below is my booking details through IVRL
    Consumer no. D20985.
    Booked on 15 Feb – with reference – 409125

    I received the below SMS on 28 Feb.
    But no cylinder was delivered at my place. Please look into this sir.

    Dear Indane customer, your cyl is delivered against cash memo no. 3000382152. Your 17 digit LPG ID is 37500000010381063. Quote this no for DBTL.

  9. subraya agowda subraya agowda
    March 9, 2015    

    booked the refill on 17 Feb and received the msg as delivered on 27 feb . but not received the refill as as 09/03/2015.

    cash memo no 3000159632 and lpg id is 37500000085148429

    When i called D K agencies they said ,,,, its delivered … will check and send it.

  10. saravanan sara saravanan sara
    March 12, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have booked cylinder but 15 days delay delivery and not response properly. Delivery bill date mentioned 05-03-2015. But I have received my cylinder 11-03-2013. Why how much day delay my delivery. I ask distributor side, but not response my call. And one more delivery person extra 70/- rupess for delivery. But not delivery for my home steps. delivery for my Street main road. I am pick cylinder for 2km for home.


  11. Kunal Ranjan Kunal Ranjan
    March 13, 2015    

    With reference to complaint no. 1537908 Dt. 26/08/14, I’ve to say that the Dealer is indulged in corrupt practice. After complaint the dealer put my delivery status pending till January 2015 and I was unable to book cylinder. When I complained to Mr. A K Poddar, marketing officer, he told me to send booking details. I was amazed after sending details of my booking, they dare to canceled my booking and the dealer booked and delivered on the same day i.e. 17 Feb 2015. It seems Dealer is manipulating with the help of relative officer.

  12. Siddhartha Biswas Siddhartha Biswas
    March 14, 2015    

    My consumer no is 19029.I have booked on 18th February, 2015.The booking no is 813023.I went to bangur dealer.They said I will not get until I link adhar and bank ac.What a joke.I am stunned. Please do the needful.

  13. March 16, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Below is my booking details
    Consumer no. 18163.
    Booked on 03 Feb – with reference – 540601. After 45days I have not get the deli vary of gas. Such delay in every month is difficult to me.thereFore I am requesting u to necessary action for regularise the deli vary of gas. it is taking more than a month all the time, Phone is always engaged. what kind of service is this? I am thoroughly unhappy.Distributor’s name is ASHOK GAS AGENCY. They treat the customers very rudely. I must say that they indulged in corrupt practice. My family consists of small children & aged ones. pls look in to this matter seriously.

  14. Manoranjan Dash Manoranjan Dash
    March 23, 2015    

    Hello Team,

    I had transferred my existing connection to Kolkata from Orissa.

    I have deposited all the requested document and the desired amount to the nearest Indian gas distributor whose address I have mentioned below.

    Krishnapur, Newtown, Kolkata , 700102

    I had deposited the amount on 26/02/2015 and all my document was also verified on the same day.

    They had promised me to get the cylinder handed over with in next 10 days. But till today I haven’t received the cylinder .

    Its already more than 25 days past but no response from the distributor.

    Can you please escalate this case and do the needful urgently .

    +91 7303455420

  15. jugnu goyal jugnu goyal
    April 15, 2015    

    dear sir
    my consumer no is 258806.
    i received an sms on 23/3/15….that cash memo 3000158111 for booking no 200013353 is generated and cylinder will be shortly delivered.
    i would like to bring to your notice,that i had not made any booking.
    subsequently,this cylinder was delivered on 25/3/15…via sms.
    i was not even in delhi that time……where did you deliver my cylinder???
    why are you people playing with our limited supply of cylinder and selling them off……who will pay for my non subidised cylinder…even when i try to manage within my limit…..
    i have all my proofs of my railway journeys …as i was out of station….
    pls reply me…where is my cylinder delivered????
    tks / regds jugnu goyal

  16. nisamudheen nisamudheen
    July 3, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Below is my booking details
    Consumer no. 5018.
    Booked on 21 may. After 43days I have not get the deli vary of gas. Such delay in every month is difficult to me.thereFore I am requesting u to necessary action for regularise the deli vary of gas. it is taking more than a month all the time, Phone is always engaged. what kind of service is this? I am thoroughly unhappy.Distributor’s name is A&A. They treat the customers very rudely. I must say that they indulged in corrupt practice. My family consists of small children & aged ones. pls look in to this matter seriously

    September 30, 2015    

    I received the LPG cylinder last month. The service man fitted the washer from the old cylinder into the new cylinder. When asked he said Nowadays cylinders are coming without washer. When We started using the cylinder gas started leaking. This month I got another cylinder refill. When complained to the delivery person he just opened pushed the washer and said all Ok and went away; he even asked for additional tips over and above Rs.13 /- demanded. Now STILL THE GAS IT LEAKING WHILE COOKING. Consumer No VA18277. sree jayam agencies Chennai

  18. s.naskar s.naskar
    November 12, 2015    

    My Consumer no – CX19232479 CASH MEMO NO – 3000134199 ,BOOKING NO -900376 ON DATED 15-10-2015 BUT TILL TODAY I HAVNT RECEIVED MY CYLINDER .
    AGAIN I MADE BOOKING many times AND RECEIVED A MESSAGE FROM SYSTEM THAT THE ABOVE MENTIONED BOOKING WITH CASH MEMO NO ;3000134199 HAS BEEN cancelled with invalid reason .COMPLAINED SO MANY TIMES TO MY DISTRUBUTER BUT THEY ARE NOT TAKING ANY THINK SERIOUS ..I have a severe complaint against my distributor. They are not at all concerned about the consumer. THESE IS AN SERIOUS ISSUE PLEASE LOOK ON IT CAREFULLY, AND ALSO SERVED US URGENTLY .Now I am clueless what needs to be done. I have a family and if I don’t receive my cylinder even after one month then I cannot lead my family and I will suffer from starvation. Now you please justify who will be responsible for my loss of one cylinder . It’s my earnest request to you please take necessary action against this distributor and help me in delivering the cylinder on time

  19. Ravinder Sood Ravinder Sood
    December 10, 2015    

    What is the address of complaintant authority of Indane Gas for the people of Himacal Pradesh along with mail id and phone numbers for KANGRA region?

  20. Jagadish Jagadish
    January 3, 2016    

    IOC lays rules or the local distributors?? IOC proudly approves of online booking and online payment facilities for the cylinder but the fact is the local distributor is not accepting the online payment. Sadest part is as a customer we are affected big time. Sunday the 3rd Jan 2016 we received the cylinder which we had booked online,when the delivery boy handed over the bill to us it was mentioned on the bill clearly that ” online payment received “,but to our shock the delivery boy demanded money ,when we said we had made the payment he said his manager has asked him to collect cash only then deliver the cylinder,if not to take back the cylinder,when we tried to speak to the distributor his talk was a total misbehavior saying he’s not responsible for online payment and if we should have asked his permission before making online payment.So who should the citizen abide to IOC or local distributor?? At last in spite of us making the payment the delivery boy insulted us by taking back the cylinder.

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