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Indane Gas has introduced Multi- Function regulator to make cooking more blissful, easy and not a time- consumer. By this product cooking be done in no time and women will be able to concentrate on herself or other important chores. It is known and accepted by all that %name Indane Gas Regulatorhome is best managed by the women. She makes food to make her family healthy, wealthy and wise; if cooking fuel is not good enough then it will leave residue and un-burnt particles which gets accumulated in the lungs of the person who cooks. So if the leader (women) is not healthy then how could she make her family delighted and healthy? That is the reason Indane gas has introduced a “wonder-regulator”.

Indane Gas Regulator

A multi functional Domestic Pressure Regulator (DPR) has been tested by an International Certifying agency M/s TUV in line with the requirements of IS: 9798. The size of Domestic Pressure Regulator (DPR) is 25.6mm. Even the CCOE has given approval to DPR to use it on a trial basis. The Multi-Functional Regulator is coming in two models-

  • MFR with analog display and

  • MFR with Electronic display

There is great news that IOCL is planning to launch DPR in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi but will be available only in selected stores. Safety features of DPR are as follows:-

  • 100% excess flow Shut off Feature: this feature is developed to completely shut off the excess flow of LPG gas in case of failure of connection of tube. By these cylinders blasts and many lives can be prevented.

  • Child Lock Mechanism: children can be notorious sometimes and don’t listen even if you direct them and as guardian we have ignore their mistakes as they are still learning. That is why child-lock mechanism is also added in DPR which restricts the knob towards the on position.

  • Leak detection mechanism: by shutting-off the excess flow you can detect the leak of LPG.

  • Low level indicator: it has analog system which keeps checking the level of LPG in the cylinder so that the person who cooks stays aware about the completion of the LPG. And then book for the cylinder before it runs out. Because delivery takes time of 20-30 days.

Earlier women used to cook on cow dunk cakes, dry wood, kerosene oil e.t.c that makes them unhealthy and thus increases the reasons for diseases. Later on when LPG was introduced by Indane Gas cooking became a healthy habit. Let us take a look on the benefits of this Indane Gas Connection which is going to make your cooking more healthy and exciting:-

  • Neat and clean environment: Indane Gas provides the LPG which helps in reducing air pollution. But we are not aware of the fact our kitchens are also involved in increasing the air pollution; by using outdated and traditional methods of cooking. Hence use only Indane Gas to get hygienic and fresh environment.

  • How to make order for gas cylinders: Indane Gas caters many modes to file a request for a cylinder. Online method is for the people with the busy schedule; they can visit the official and can book their cylinder by entering their Username and Password if they don’t have it then get you registered by filling in some details. Women who cannot go outside due to lack of conveyance then they book their cylinders by offline method. They can either call on the customer care centre or can send the SMS. The delivery of cylinder will be done within 20-30 working days, so make sure you order the new cylinder before your cylinders gets finished.

Indane Gas Regulator problem

Complaints and shifts: if you have any complaints regarding the delivery or the leakage in cylinder then you can either go to the official website of Indane Gas- or can call on their customer care centre-1800-2333-5555 and file a complaint there. Your complaint will be readdressed within 24hours.

  • If consumer is shifting from one city to another, he can then make a call to the customer care centre and ask for the voucher. By this method, the customer can get new gas connection without any hassle.

By giving LPG as the fuel to cook in the Indian kitchen Indane Gas has provided the healthy and happy life to the ladies of kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Just Book Indane Gas Connection for a pleasurable life. It is affordable and considered as the new lifestyle in rural and urban areas.

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