SMS/IVRS Booking

SMS/IVRS Booking

Automated Unified System(AUS) which is launched by Indian Oil for the Indane Customers of Refill Booking in Delhi,Hyderabad,Chennai,Bangalore,Kolkata,Lucknow,Ghaziabad,Gurgaon,Kochi,Noida and Patna from 5th March 2011.The main reason to introduce system was make Indane Gas Refill Booking faster and easier.Now you can book Refill through SMS and IVRS.

Indane Gas SMS IVRS Booking SMS/IVRS BookingBooking Indane gas through IVRS

If you are first time user, dial the respective Indane IVR number of your area from your landline / mobile.


Hyderabad: 9848824365

Chennai: 8124024365


Kolkata: 9088324365

Lucknow: 8726024365

Chandigarh: 9781324365

Kochi: 9961824365

Noida & Delhi:9911554411

and take further steps as guided by voice reply.

  • Primary, choose the language options.
  • Second, enter the cell phone number of you distributor with STD code.
  • Third, enter your Indane gas consumer number.
  • Fourth, pick from the options for booking refill.

Completing all this steps, the system will provide you the reference to refill connection and if first time you use it it will prompt you to register your cell number.

After registration process, only registered users can dial Indane IVR number from register cell number and choose option through interactive mode a)refill booking or b)registering complaint or c) for status of the previous Indane Gas booking. If refill reservation is gone with, the system would certainly react with the referral number for refill booking and also an SMS will send out be send your mobile with recommendation number.

Indane gas booking through SMS

If you are using Indane Gas Booking through SMS mode then you need to register your phone number so that you can simply book your connection by typing IOC to the respective IVR no of your location.You get SMS alert about your Refill booking and delivery information.

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